Game of Thrones Sesaon 3 Adds 13 New Castmembers

A Storm of Swords Book Book CoverHBO’s “Game of Thrones” just keeps getting bigger. The cast, that is. But yeah, the story too, as the many plot threads start to converge. Mind you, they won’t be converging anytime soon in the third season, but they’re, you know, sorta getting there. The upcoming third season will be adapting the third book in the series, “A Storm of Swords”. The book pretty much wraps up the War of the Five Kings storyline, and if rumors are true, will probably take two seasons to do so. Makes sense, since it’s quite the action-packed, lots-of-stuff-happens book.

The new season is already shooting, and you can expect these 13 new castmembers to be joining the fray in various capacity:

Mackenzie Crook as Orell, a Wildling skinchanger (he can psychicly take over animals) who clashes with the now-captured Jon Snow, who, after the events of the second season, finds himself a captive of Mance Rayder, the Wildling King-Beyond-The-Walls.

Kristofer Hivju as Tormund Giantsbane, another one of Rayder’s Wildling Chiefs.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ellie Kendrick as Crannogman siblings Jojen and Meera. Jojen is a “greenseer”, people with powers to see the future, though not always clearly. Meera is his big sister, a formidable warrior. The two were supposed to show up in the second season, which adapted “A Clash of Kings”, but were saved for the third season. They are vital to Bran Stark’s journey.

Richard Dormer as Beric Dondarrion, The Lightning Lord, a former Stark Lord who wages a guerrilla war against the Lannisters with his “Brotherhood Without Banners”.

Paul Kaye as Thoros of Myr, the priest with the flaming sword, and a vital member of Dondarrion’s Brotherhood.

Philip McGinley as Anguy, another member of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Kerry Ingram as Shireen, Stannis Baratheon’s disfigured daughter.

Tara Fitzgerald as Selyse Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon’s ignored wife, a follower of the red priestess Melisandre.

Clive Russell as Brynden Tully, aka “The Blackfish,” Catelyn Stark’s old school uncle.

Tobias Menzies as Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark’s younger, inexperienced brother, and would-be Lord of the House of Tully.

Anton Lesser as Qyburn, a disgraced Maester who assists Jaime Lannister, and eventually becomes an important figure at King’s Landing.

Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei
, a young slave girl who becomes an important confidant to Daenerys.

A Storm of Swords Book Cover

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