Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner Joins Not-Hit-Girl Movie Barely Lethal

Sophie Turner

It looks like all the “Game of Thrones” kids are doing pretty well for themselves. Or at least, the Stark clan are getting some good work outside of the HBO TV show. Kit Harington, bastard son of the Starks, is getting plenty of roles, and now you can add Sophie Turner to that list.

The actress, who plays the hilariously put-upon Sansa Stark on the fantasy show, has landed a role in Kyle Newman’s upcoming action-comedy “Barely Lethal”, which will star “True Grit’s” Hailee Steinfeld as “a 16-year-old assassin who fakes her own death in pursuit of a ‘normal’ adolescence.”

AKA high school.

Turner will play an undercover agent who enrolls in the same high school in order to help capture the wayward teen. Lots of classroom lectures and hallway action ensue, we presume.

The film, which is essentially “Kick-Ass 2” without costumes, will also star Jessica Alba as Steinfeld’s former boss, who wants her back, and Samuel L. Jackson as her former handler. This, if you’re keeping tack at home, is Jackson’s second film in 2014 where he mentors a teenage assassin. He’s also doing the same honors on the live-action adaptation of “Kite”.

Via : Deadline