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So it’s finally here! The thing I’ve been waiting most for in life! {Jennifer Love Hewitt have a nude scene finally?!?} No! Not that, the other thing! {Oh, yeah the Deadpool game! Yeah we like him, he makes us seem sane.} That’s right folks, Deadpool has arrived to play on your PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and he is not for kids to play with!

Quick rundown for those who have no clue who Deadpool is … {Cause you’ve been living under a rock, or don’t like pop culture} Be nice! You want them to keep reading right?

Deadpool showed up in the 90’s towards the end of Marvel’s “New Mutants” comic before it was changed to “X-Force”. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool started out as just a mercenary with cool weapons, serious skills, and a propensity for verbal diarrhea. {You said diarrhea, tee hee} In the last 20 years the character has exploded all over the Marvel Universe {You’re dirty} and morphed into a character people either love or loathe, there is no middle ground, really.

Rob LiefeldDeadpool was given a healing factor that was based on Wolverine’s, and it made him pretty much insane. He’s got two voices in his head — {That’s a scary thought, it’s already crowded in here with just you and me} — I know, and sometimes I really want to kick you out! As I was saying he’s got voices in his head and his own insane thoughts to contend with. And he breaks the fourth wall…alot. For the uninformed, breaking the fourth wall is when a character knowingly addresses the audience. I’ve been a fan of the character since his debut and I’ve been driving the Deadpool bandwagon for years, and his few appearances in games over the last decade have been decent but they only whet my appetite for more over the top insanity.

Finally the day is here.

“Deadpool” the videogame is a fun time to be had, but it’s not the greatest game in the world. Written by former Deadpool writer Daniel Way, it definitely captures the essence and insanity of the character perfectly. My biggest issue is its length. {That’s what she said…sorry, sorry couldn’t help it} At about 5-7 hours, the game is super short. Not to say it hasn’t happened before. {Don’t most guys say that? We’re not saying we have, but don’t they?} That being said it’s 5-7 hours of fun and mayhem, exactly what you’d expect from a Deadpool game.

Deadpool Game Image

The game is very self-referential — {Say it’s meta! That’s what all the kids are saying nowadays right?!?} — er, um, I mean it’s very meta. One of the best examples of this is the opening, which finds you in Pool’s apartment listening to voicemail. The last of which is the head of High Moon Studios (the company that made the game) stating that they have rejected Pool’s video game pitch. Deadpool promptly presses a detonator and the guy calls back saying they loved the “NEW” pitch and they’d be sending over a script. Yes it’s the script for the game you’re playing.

High Moon StudiosAs you wait, you’re charged with “Playing with Deadpool’s Junk” i.e. exploring his dirty little crib and having hilarious moments. You check on your dog Red Rocket, drop a “Stink Pickle” in the John as Pool says, or make 1000 pancakes. {We DO love pancakes} Also you can give a call to Nolan North, video game voice extraordinaire and consequently the voice of Deadpool and his inner voices. {See, meta!} Once you get a hold of the script, the game begins in earnest, and if you’re a fan of the character it’s everything you wanted — violence, insanity, crass humor, over the top action and more fun than you can shake a stick at. {Who shakes sticks at stuff anymore?!?} I know right?

Anyway, Pool has some great moves that are very easily strung together. Button mashing will get you through the tutorial and the first level, but after that, a little thought needs to go into your encounters. A little, but not a lot. Do you want to run in guns blazing or swords spinning? Or do you want to do both? {That’s right kids, have your cake and eat it too!!} The fighting is pretty simple, with light and heavy attacks, on two of the face buttons accompanied by jump, and the teleport buttons. Teleport replaces the standard dodge roll here, and is actually more fun. It’s also your counter button, which can get a little crazy in the heat of a huge brawl when you may mean to counter but end up teleporting behind your attacker.

That said you won’t find it that big of an issue since you can just use your melee weapons and just tear them apart from your new position. {And look damned cool doing it, just not as cool as me} Deadpool is known for his use of swords and guns and you definitely get to use them here in some gloriously violent ways. The simple but effective upgrade system allows you to purchase some new toys as well. By stringing together long combos and dealing out massive amounts of death you earn “Deadpool Points” that can be used to upgrade your weapons, buy new ones, or just upgrade Pool himself a little.

Deadpool Game ImageWeapons include melee, ranged, and thrown weapons. Melee weapons are katanas, sais, and giant sledgehammers. {Yeah he said sledgehammers, you haven’t lived til you’ve crushed a man’s melon with dual wielded sledgehammers, I’ll tell you what!} While the guns include pistols, shotguns, automatic riffles, and laser pistols. {PEW PEW!} Okay the laser sounds can go, trying to be professional here! {Sorry!} Thank you. As I was saying. Deadpool also has throw weapons, like flash grenades, frag grenades, and bear traps. Yeah those are fun to use!

The game itself is a lot of fun to play, though the camera can get a little annoying when battles get hectic, but it’s controllable and I’ve played worse. What makes this game great though is the campaign. Despite how short it is — {That’s what she said…okay again I’m sorry} *Sigh* Keep it up and the eviction notice is on its way. Ahem. The story or what parts Deadpool actually follows is pretty funny. Deadpool starts the game going after a media mogul, only to be shafted out of his bounty by Mr. Sinister and his Marauders. If any of this is lost on the non-geeks — {Dunno how, being a geek is like totally the thing to be right now, I mean even hot girls are geeks now!} — I know right, we’re finally in the cool crowd, but I digress.

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The game has hilarious videos every time a new and important character shows up, but if you don’t want to wait they’re all open in the Extras section under Bios. The game also has some crazy moments connected to level design. At some points, Deadpool has blown the budget for the level and because of this we’re treated to some hilarious 16-bit inspired gameplay, and the variety and insanity continue throughout. He also calls the game designers and complains about the levels, and he also lets you know when he’s not happy with how you’re handling him. Deadpool does not hold back for anyone.

Long story short: if you’re a fan of the character, then get the game. It’s worth it. If you’re iffy on it, rent it and beat it and buy it again when it’s cheaper, but whatever you do, play this game! It’s probably the most fun you’ll have killing things and laughing at toilet humor at the same time. Is this game for everyone? Not in the least. But if you just like having some fun and a good laugh this game will not disappoint. The replay value isn’t too high except for wanting to experience Pool’s hilarity again and challenge yourself on harder difficulties, or the survival-like challenge maps. That said, I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to re-experience slapping around an unconscious Wolverine, or hallucinating that Cable is a big breasted Deadpool fan. {We sure do. Lets go BRING THE NOISE!!!}

Indeed sir! Let us go forth and cause mayhem!

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