A Pair of Gangsta Banners for Gangster Squad and Lawless

Apparently today is Release a Gangster Movie Banner Poster Day and no one told me. Check out two such banner posters for two gangster-themed movies who are doing their part to make this a truly memorable Tuesday. Or something. Look, you try coming up with stuff to fill out these posts. It ain’t easy, okay? Anyhoo.

First up, Empire has your first look at the banner poster for John Hillcoat’s Prohibition-era gangster shoot’em up “Lawless”, starring Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, and Shia Labeouf. Hardy, by the by, is re-teaming with his “The Dark Knight Rises” co-star Gary Oldman for this.

Lawless (2012) Movie Banner Poster

Yahoo, meanwhile, chimes in with a groovy banner poster of their own for Ruben Fleischer’s ’40s gangster drama “Gangster Squad”. The film stars Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling, who is quite possibly the creepiest guy with the softest voice in cinema in a long, long time.

Gangster Squad (2012) Movie Banner Poster