Gareth Edwards is Striving for a Grounded, Realistic Godzilla Movie. Say What Now?

Godzilla (2014) Movie PosterLet me remind you that Godzilla was created by an atomic explosion, and mutated into a giant lizard that breathes atomic fire when he gets really pissed off, and shows up to fight other giant monsters from outer space and various city-smashing monstrosities. Good luck there, Gareth!

But maybe I’m reading him wrong. Here’s what he really said to Total Film Magazine (via Coventry Telegraph) regarding his approach to the one of the original monster bad boys:

I’ve always been interested in Godzilla and the ideas around him. I really wanted to see another Godzilla film and jumped at the opportunity. My main idea was to imagine ‘If this really happened, what would it be like?’ I want to take a grounded, realistic approach to a Godzilla film.

So no, I didn’t read him wrong after all. He also goes on to compare working on the film’s special effects shots to losing his virginity. I guess, er, that’s one way to go about it.

I imagine most people reading about how a director wanting to make a monster movie more “grounded and realistic” will be snickering at the idea. The thing is, Edwards could make it work. A “Godzilla” film could still be fantastical and at the same time realistic. Sort of. Edwards already did it with “Monster”, his indie film that got him the “Godzilla” gig in the first place, so there’s precedence.

Of course, it would be nice if “Godzilla” wasn’t the snorefest that the highly overrated “Monsters” turn out to be, but maybe that’s just me.