Gareth Evans’ The Raid … Remade with Claymation Cats

The Raid with Claymation Cats

Holy crap, this is awesome. Check out a 3-minute parody of Gareth Evans’ slambang actioner “The Raid”, only starring … claymation cats. It’s even more awesome than it sounds, let me assure you. No real spoilers in case you’re worried. He mostly follows the beats of the trailers.

The whole thing was made by Lee Hardcastle, whose motto is apparently, “I make claymation that isn’t for children”. And that’s pretty accurate. These aren’t just some badass claymation cats, these are some incredibly violent claymation cats.

If you like what you see, you can get more of Harcastle’s work at his YouTube Channel or follow his future projects on Facebook.

Here’s the original “The Raid” trailer just for comparison: