Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart Take a Trip on Kerouac’s On the Road

Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund in On the Road (2012) Movie Image

Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” is one of those generation-making/changing books that you probably read in college and immediately ran off and tried to hitch-hike your way across the country, only to get abducted by a trucker and chained up to his basement for the next few months until he got bored with you. What, that didn’t just happen to me, did it? Anyways, for those who have read the book, Walter Salles has adapted the story into a movie starring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and “Twilight’s” own, Kristen Stewart. Check out the trailer for the film below.

Dean and Sal are the portrait of the Beat Generation. Their search for “It” results in a fast paced, energetic roller coaster ride with highs and lows throughout the U.S.

Also starring Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Alice Braga, Steve Buscemi, and Danny Morgan.

No release date yet. I guess you should keep your eyes on the road. Get it? Ahem.

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