Garth Ennis To Write And Direct Crossed Webisodes

Crossed Comic Book

Garth Ennis’ “Crossed” is grim. Not quite a zombie story, not quite a post-apocalyptic tale, the comic book series takes the most brutal aspects of each and the result is not always easy to read. For a guy who is known for the violence in his stories, “Crossed” really takes it up a notch, even for Ennis. While there has been years of talk about adapting Ennis’ most widely known serried, “Preacher”, it turns out that “Crossed” is going to be the first to make it to the screen. Not the big screen, at least not at first, but a screen nonetheless.

Ennis is going to write and direct a series of “Crossed” webisodes, with an eye on following this series up with a feature film. This will give Ennis and the crew of Avatar Press, the publishers, a chance to bring the comic to life with “no studio B.S,” and stay true to Ennis’ vision.

This sounds like it might be the best strategy. “Crossed” is so wicked that adapting it for TV or even a movie would be difficult, while still maintaining the integrity of the source material. And who better to adapt the comic than the creators? Anyone else is likely to water it down and stray from the original ideal without studio interference.

Here’s an overview of the series:

In the blink of an eye, humanity is lost, and the Crossed are upon us. Men, women, and children alike fall victim to the mystery infection that makes killers out of parents and rapists out of lovers. Ruthless, berserk, and evil beyond measure, these cackling demons spread their plague across the Earth, brining humanity to near-extinction. Now, a small band of survivors make their cautious way across a deserted America, existing in a state of constant terror. The only thing they have in common is their determination to survive… but in this frightening new world, survival has a cost all its own. How far will they go to stay alive, and can they do so without become monsters themselves?

The webisodes will be “little vignettes” that will introduce the world of “Crossed”, and the first arc will likely include material from the first storyline of the series. They will start filming this spring and debut sometime later in 2013.

Via : Comic Book Resources