Gary Busey is Still Insane

Hey, kids, remember when Gary Busey wasn’t insane? Yeah, you’re right, who can remember that far back? Anyways, Gary Busey is kinda insane. If you didn’t already know that, these videos of Gary Busey going after Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Garner (who has no idea who he is, by the way) at the Oscar red carpet, and then later, berating an 11-year old who was asking him questions at the United Nation Children’s Foundation Oscar after-party, will just about do it.

Hey, remember when Gary Busey was known as an actor and not the insane dude who accosted a kid and Jennifer Garner at the Oscars? By the way, um, what is Gary Busey doing at the Oscars, anyway?

And remember, kids, if you ever run across Gary Busey, don’t ever ask him to give shout-outs, because Gary Busey does not give shout-outs. Stupid teens with microphones.