Gary Oldman joins Zemeckis’ CGI A Christmas Carol

Gary Oldman, aka one of the best actors working today, if not the best, has joined the cast of Robert Zemeckis’ CGI/motion-capture (or whatever the heck you want to call it) animated version of the Christmas classic “A Christmas Carol”. He joins Jim Carrey, who will be playing Ebenezer Scrooge and, according to, the Christmas spirits who visits him, in the movie.

According to the boys at Monsters and Critics, Oldman will be playing multiple roles in the movie, one of which could be Jacob Marley. For Oldman, doing voice work on one of these movies must seem like a cake walk compared to all the prep work he does for his live movie jobs.

Robert Zemeckis seems to have become latched onto the whole 3D/motion-capture industry. This will be his third, following “The Polar Express” with Tom Hanks, “Beowulf” with Angelina Jolie, and now, “A Christmas Carol”.

Other famous names attached to the film include Tom Hanks and Michael J. Fox.

“A Christmas Carol” is slated for a 2009 release. Just in time for Christmas, of course.

Gary Oldman joins Zemeckis’ CGI A Christmas Carol