Gary Oldman to Menace Motor City

Gary Oldman plays bad guys like nobody’s business, even if he does tend to chew scenery like a bastard in these roles. But if you like Oldman has a villain, you’ll love this news: the “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” actor is re-teaming with his “Book of Eli” director Albert Hughes for the revenge thriller “Motor City”.

“Motor City” will star Dominic Cooper (“The Devil’s Double”, “Captain America”) as a small-time hood who is framed and sent to prison. Of course, he doesn’t stay in prison forever, since what kind of movie would that be? Our hero is eventually released, after which he goes on a quest for revenge, and to reclaim the woman he loves (Amber Heard, I’m guessing). Oldman’s villain, a “kingpin-type” baddie, of course isn’t playing along with our hero.

Albert Hughes, one half of the Hughes Brothers, will direct from a script by Chad St. John with uber producer Joel Silver doing what he does best. The film is expected to start shooting sometime in April in Berlin.

Gary Oldman in Book of Eli (2010) Movie Image

Via : THR