Gary Shore in Talks to Direct Dracula: Year Zero

Gary ShoreApparently everyone is dusting off their old Dracula movies today. Following up on that Russell Crowe in talks for “Harker” news, comes this ditty about director Gary Shore in talks with Universal to make “Dracula: Year Zero” his feature film directorial debut.

If the name Gary Shore doesn’t ring any bells, he was the fellow who put out that very nifty “Cup of Tears” trailer/demo reel (below). It was so good, in fact, Shore ended up going into business with Universal to turn the short into a full-length movie. That was in 2010, and I guess they’re still working on it, because we haven’t seen a sign of “Cup of Tears” since.

But if Universal is already talking with Shore to helm their “Dracula: Year Zero”, it’s highly possible they could have decided on not making “Cup of Tears” and has opted for “Year Zero” instead. I’m just guessing out of school, of course, and he could end up doing both, I guess.

In any case, “Dracula: Year Zero” originally surfaced way back in 2007 with Alex Proyas (“Dark City”) attached to direct. Nothing happened to the film for a while, but then in 2010 we heard that Sam Worthington was going to star. Proyas eventually left the project in order to do “Paradise Lost”. Unfortunately for Proyas, “Paradise Lost” was just axed for being too potentially expensive. Oh well.

If he signs on, Shore will direct from a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, who took a recent pass on the movie in order to bring the budget down to a reasonable size. All signs are now pointing to the film as a Go. Unless, of course, it stops later.

Here’s Shore’s “Cup of Tears” in case you still haven’t seen it:

Via : Deadline