Gavin O’Connor’s MMA Film Warrior Adds Nolte, Others

Hollywood’s latest stab at MMA glory is Gavin O’Connor’s “Warrior”, another movie about some down-and-out types seeking fame and glory (and one presumes, busted heads) in a Mixed-Martial Arts arena. “Warrior” is filling out its cast with Nick Nolte as an ex-alcoholic loser (I believe they call this typecasting) who teaches his son how to beat people’s brains in. You know, father-and-son stuff.

Variety has your casting news:

Nolte plays an ex-Vietnam vet boxer-turned-steel mill worker whose family was torn apart by his alcoholism; the now-sober and remorseful dad welcomes back his youngest son (Hardy) and trains him to compete in a mixed martial arts tournament. He and his older brother, played by Edgerton, are on a collision course in the ring.

I got a feeling that family gathering’s gonna be real awkward.

“Gee, son, what did you do today?”

“Oh, not much, mom, dad’s just helping me train to beat the living tar out of my brother. You know, your other son? Can you please past the mash’taters?”

Also joining the case is House’s Jennifer Morrison, below. She’s purty. No word on her role in the film, but I’ll take a stab at it and call her Tom Hardy’s love interest. It’s just a hunch.

“Warrior” starts shooting in April in Pittsburgh.