Geek-gasms: Favreau to Direct Avengers Movie?

If Marvel and Jon Favreau have their way, Favreau will be finishing up another blockbuster “Iron Man” movie and moving right into production on the “Avengers” movie. This would also explain why “The Avengers” has been moved back a year — not only to get the finances together, but also to allow Favreau time to rest up before heading into what is sure to be a mega budgeted and stressful gig. Or at least, that’s the comic book movie news of the day.

A spy sent the news to AICN:

Avengers is delayed a year because of financing issues but also because the plan is for Favreau to helm it. Everybody here loves the guy and he wants to do it, but it would have been impossible for him to do before the date change given his Iron Man 2 commitments. Also partly the reason why he agreed to do the Stark sequel on such an accelerated schedule was so he could get given first dibs on this. It would still be a punishing schedule for him, so hes not firmly confirmed yet, but he is certainly the presumptive director at this point.

The spy also mentions that indeed, Alexander Skarsgard is Kenneth Branagh’s frontrunner to play Thor. And if it works out, Alexander’s dad Stellan might also show up as Thor’s dad, Odin. Likewise for Harnett as Loki as previously reported.

And yeah, apparently FOX really is serious about rebooting the “Fantastic Four” and “Daredevil” franchises.

Below: “2012, here we come!”