Gemma Arterton and Ryan Reynolds in New The Voices Images

Ryan Reynolds in The Voices (2014) Movie Image

The last time I posted anything about Ryan Reynolds’ “The Voices,” it was back in 2011, and Ben Stiller was attached to star and Mark Romanek to direct. Well, those two guys are gone, and replacing them is Reynolds in the lead and Marjane Satrapi calling the shots behind the camera. No trailer yet, though the movie has already premiered in various festivals, and now you can check out three new images (and a poster) from the film, including a rather interesting shot featuring Gemma Arterton.

Considering the premise of this movie, if you gave Reynolds a mask and a sword, he might already be playing Deadpool, the crazed comic book character he’s been trying to play for the last three decades or so.

This genre-bending tale centers around Jerry Hickfang, a lovable but disturbed factory worker who yearns for attention from a woman in accounting. When their relationship takes a sudden, murderous turn, Jerry’s evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog lead him down a fantastical path where he ultimately finds salvation.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, Stephanie Vogt, Adi Shankar, and Jacki Weaver.

The movie premiered at Sundance, but no word on a release date yet. I’m guessing VOD followed by a limited theatrical releases on the coasts.

Ryan Reynolds in The Voices (2014) Movie Image

Gemma Arterton and Ryan Reynolds in The Voices (2014) Movie Image

The Voices (2014) Movie Poster

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