Geoffrey Rush Will Voice Tomar-Re in Green Lantern


While director Martin Campbell “works furiously” to finish up post-production on Warner Bros. huge tentpole film “Green Lantern” for its June 17 release date (yes, kids, it’s almost here), the movie has officially added Barbossa himself, Geoffrey Rush, to provide the voice for the Green Lantern named Tomar-Re.

Tomar-Re, the fish-like alien dude to the left, standing with Hal Jordan on the right, is a former scientist turned Intergalactic beat cop, and the GL who Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) first meets on his way to learning the ways of the Force. Er, I mean, the intergalactic beat cop stuff.

Apparently adding voice actors even this late in the game is not new to Hollywood, or big Summer tentpole films like this.

Besides the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, Rush was also in “The King’s Speech”, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Tomar-Re is a fishbird thank you very much!!! LOL. Rush is an interesting choice, and I like it. THere’s a rumor that Michael Clarke Duncan may voice Killowog. if so HELL YEAH POOZERS!!

  • Lexavi80

    Yeah. I always found Tomar-Re a character more rooster like.

    Anyways… Is good to know that the reason why there has been no more trailers nor clips nor anything is because they´re working they´re asses off to make this good, however, premier is just a few months away. Seems like little time to me. Last time I saw this happen (terrible trailer, awful effects, poor script, and INCREDIBLE bad acting) was with Dragon Ball Evolution. A highly waited film but everything went to shait after the first picture.

    Hope they shut my mouth off and show a great film.