George Clooney Returning to Space for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity

Director Alfonso Cuaron wanted Angelina Joile for “Gravity”, but couldn’t get her. He tried and tried, but he still couldn’t get her. Then he thought he had Natalie Portman, but it turns out, Natalie’s got other things to do. He had to settle for Sandra Bullock, which isn’t bad when you have to “settle” for an Osar winner as the female lead in your movie.

On the man side of things, Cuaron had Robert Downey Jr. for the longest time — until he no longer had him. Downey left, and THR now says George Clooney, who was last in space in “Solaris”, has replaced him.

Essentially a “Castaways” in space movie, “Gravity” will be centered on a female astronaut (Bullock) who survives the destruction of her space station along with Clooney’s astronaut. It’s believed that Clooney’s character bites it pretty quickly thereafter, leaving just Bullock’s alone to fight her way back to Earth and her daughter.

Cuaron will direct from a script by he and his son, Jonas.