George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Rapes Indiana Jones

Last night’s brand spanking new South Park episode may have been titled, “The China Problem”, but it mind as well have been “The Raping of Indiana Jones by that Spielberg and Lucas Guy”, which, granted, is probably way too long for an episode title, but it would have been much cooler. In case you missed it, last night’s South Park had Stan, Kyle, Timmy, and a bunch of people in town feeling traumatized over having gone to see the latest Indiana Jones movie and, er, well, there were a lot of South Park-styled scenes where Indy got raped by the two filmmakers ala other famous rape scenes from the movies, including Jodie Foster’s infamous pinball machine sequence in “The Accused”. And, of course, you can’t have a rape parody without some “Deliverance” thrown in there for good measure.

And oh yeah, Cartman is convinced the Chinese are coming to get us, and ropes Butters into helping him infiltrate their “gang”. This results in Butters shooting people in the balls. No, seriously.

Comedy Central has the entire episode online for you to view for free now in case you missed it. No idea how long it’ll last, so get it while the getting’s good. Click here to watch the full episode online now.

Below: Evil rapists? You decide.

Spielber and Lucas