George Miller Confirms Mad Mad 4: Fury Road is Revving its Engines

Well slap my bottom and call me Sally. When rumored news that George Miller was about ready to go into production on a “Mad Max 4” surfaced over the weekend, I was a tad skeptical. Okay, I didn’t believe it at all, especially the premature casting tidbits about Worthington and Theron. But check it out, George Miller himself is confirming that “Mad Max 4” is indeed gearing up for production sometime in August 2010, though he admitted casting is ongoing.

When asked by a reporter about the possibility of Mel Gibson returning, Miller doesn’t come right out and say it’s not a viable option, noticeably softening his stance a tad on a Mel-less “Mad Max” that he had taken not all that long ago.

“It could be Mel, it could be anyone. In fact, I’m looking around at these faces to see if anyone’s quite interesting here.”

Filming locations will include New South Wales. The first “Mad Max” was filmed in Victoria, the sequel was shot around Broken Hill, and “Beyond Thunderdome” was shot in Coober Pedy, South Australia.

Here’s a video of the presser by Miller: