George Miller Confirms No Mel Gibson Cameo in Mad Max: Fury Road, Set for 2015


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Good God. 2015. What movie isn’t scheduled for 2015? If you’re a movie fan, you might very well end up spending more time at the movies than you do at work!

With production on the long-delayed film now wrapped, Miller spoke with Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald and offered up some answers to questions swirling around the production, which he calls an “epic chase across the wasteland”:

Our film, luckily after a ridiculous amount of work, is testing extremely well. We’re very happy. There has been a lot of doubt about it, [people saying] ‘it took so long’, but Warners have delayed it until 2015 to go into the top weekend of the year.’

As for that rumored cameo appearance by the original Mad Max? Miller responds:

It would have been nice somehow but, no, it’s not true.

Sorry, kids, but it’s Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky or bust. I guess it makes sense. If you’re already going to swap out the actor, and this is in no way a reboot of the series, what’s the point in having Mel show up? Plus, if you’ve seen Gibson’s career these days, he’s going full-blown cartoon villain, and that probably won’t work with, I assume, a straightforward, serious action movie like “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

The film also stars Nicholas Hoult, Charlize Theron, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Zoë Kravitz, Riley Keough, and Nathan Jones.

Things get mad and furious on May 15, 2015.

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“Watch out, Tom, here comes Mel in his new fresh ride!”

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  • Dedpool

    Mel must be to busy with Expendables 3

  • Pistol P

    I still don’t even understand why they recasted Mad Max and on top of that, set Fury Road inbewteen Mad Max and The Road Warrior. So now when fans such as myself might want to watch the films in chronological order, we have to go from Mel Gibson as Max, switch to Tom Hardy, then back to Gibson. A minor nitpick I know, but it wasn’t even neccessary! Has George Miller seen the pictures of Gibson on set filming Exependables 3?!?! He would have came back as a beast in Fury Road, sort of a post-apocalyptic John Rambo meets John McClane. I have no doubts that Hardy is going to kill it as Max, but I’m so confused why they decided to screw with visual continuity and make Fury Road and interquel…..

    • Dedpool

      Like you said, it’s because they wanted to go back to a younger Max. Mel maybe physically able to pull it opff, but he looks WAY to old to reprise Max in between those two films. Now as a Sequel going forward from Thunderdome? Bring it!!

      • Pistol P

        That’s my point. Why set this film between 1 & 2 at all? Why the need to go back to a younger Max? The plot with Imperator Furiosa could totally be set after Thunderdome and still work……

        • Dedpool

          Probably because Thunderdome had a lackluster return at the box office and were worried another outing with an older Max wouldn’t do well. I personally agree that they should still do a sequel with an older Max.