George Miller Talks Mad Max 4 Animated Movie and Game Without That Mel Gibson Guy

A Mad Max movie and game minus Max? Okay, a Mad Max game minus Max is perfectly acceptable (what self-respecting A-list actor would ever lower himself to voicing a game based on his movies, after all), but a Mad Max movie without the original Max, aka Mel Gibson? Yes, and it’s very possible. As an animated movie, that is.

In an interview with MTV, “Mad Max” head honcho George Miller sure sounds like he’s not too fond of his former Aussie muse nowadays, and that may be one of the reasons why Miller is so gung-ho about doing “Mad Max 4” as an animated movie rather than live-action.

Via MTV:

Unlikely as that last one sounds, some big screen animated “Max” action is shaping up to become a reality, according to George Miller, the writer/director of the previous three films. The catch? He doesn’t want Max himself, Mel Gibson, anywhere near the project.

It’s too bad MTV doesn’t give us a quote on Miller’s thoughts vis-a-vis Gibson, as I would have actually liked to hear what he actually said, rather than MTV’s interpretation of it. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to take MTV’s word for it that Miller isn’t so high on Gibson at the moment.

In other “Mad Max” news, there’s a game version coming out from the makers of “God of War II”. One can only hope that mute kid with the boomerang gets a cameo.

Below: Why so glum, Mad Max?