George Miller Talks the Rebooted Mad Max aka Fury Road

George MillerOh, Mad Max, will we ever see your badass self on the big screen again, delivering justice at the end of a shotgun to spikey haired bikers in a wasteland setting? Yes, if George Miller has his way. The director of the previous three “Mad Max” movies, along with two “Happy Feet” family films (yeah, try to wrap your minds around that, kiddos), says he plans to get “Fury Road” up and running by next year, with Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult in the cast. Hardy, of course, would play the rebooted Mad Max.

And according to Miller, this is very much a reboot, a new version of the familiar wasteland lawman, if you will. He tells Indiewire as such:

One thing that Miller said was absolutely the same was Mad Max, the character who was being rebooted, albeit primarily via Hardy’s performance rather than a ground-up reinvention via screenwriting. “He’s a rebooted Mad Max, but it’s a new interpretation.” Miller revealed. “We made it very clear from the outset that it would be crazy to try to impersonate what Mel had done, but Tom [like] Mel and Heath Ledger; these guys all have very similar kind of maleness, I find. I don’t know, they somehow remind me of big cats – they’re mesmerizing to look and be with, but you don’t know what they’re going to do at any moment.”

I guess it makes sense, being that Hardy is way younger than Mel Gibson, the previous Mad Max. It wouldn’t work to say that Hardy was the same Mad Max that defeated The Humungus and survived Thunderdome.

In the article, Miller also talks about how much the character has stayed with him ever since the late ’90s, that he never intended to make another film in the series, but it just kept nagging at him. No real plot details, though, so if that’s what you’re hoping to get from the article, you can stop now.

“Fury Road” is likely to go into production early 2012. Likely. But will it? Who knows at this point, really.

Mel Gibson in The Road Warrior (1981) Movie Image

Via : Indiewire