George Miller Updates Justice League and Mad Max

Aussie director George Miller (“Happy Feet”, the “Mad Max” franchise) has provided an update on Warner Bros’ long-gestating Justice League movie (or “Mortal”, or whatever the hell they want to call it), as well as dropping a hint or two about the possibility of yet another “Mad Max” sequel with franchise star Mel Gibson. In a visit to the Australian morning TV show “Sunrise”, Miller says that he’s officially “off” the JLA movie, and even if the film should go forward again in the future, he will have nothing to do with it in any capacity. Plus, Miller hints that Warner seems to have come around to dumping their JLA 90210 idea that they were moving ahead with for the longest time, and now seems to want bigger stars for the role, in which case it would seem impossible to cast people from The OC. Can I get an “Amen”?

Dark Horizons has the scoop:

According to scooper ‘Steve’ he says that Miller indicated that if the project does get going again, he expects that it’ll be recast as “the studios seem to want bigger stars in their superhero movies now.”

And on the possible “Mad Max” sequel:

Miller also admits that he’d like to work with Mel Gibson on something again and while Mel doesn’t want to do the Mad Max script he wrote, he hasn’t given up on that possibility just yet.

I can’t see Gibson doing another “Mad Max”. Then again, I also can’t see Gibson doing another “Lethal Weapon”, and for some reason, that one’s still going forward, too, though possibly without Gibson. Or with him. I’m so confused!

Update: 12/03/08

Someone has called bullshit on the story. DH updates their original story with the following

A representative from Kennedy Miller Mitchell has categorically denied Monday’s scoop that Dr. George Miller is off the ‘Justice League’ project. They have confirmed that Miler did not appear on the ‘Sunrise Morning Show’ let alone discuss anything to do with “Justice League” or “Mad Max”.

Damn, and I was just getting used to actually looking forward to a Justice League movie with adults, too…

Below: A man. His dog. And a shotgun. Good times, good times…