George Miller Working on Not One, But TWO Mad Max Films Back-to-Back?

That’s an affirmative, at least according to the boys at Twitch, who claims to have learned that George Miller is not just working on “Mad Max: Fury Road” with Tom Hardy standing in for Mel Gibson, but that ol Georgie is in fact also actively working on a fifth “Mad Max” movie, and will be shooting parts 4 and 5 back-to-back. According to the site, the fifth movie will be called “Mad Max: Furiosa”.

Twitch doesn’t cite any sources, so at this point it sounds like rumor, or perhaps a closely guarded secret. The site is not known for breaking news, but they’re also not known for making shit up just to get cheap traffic, either, so I’m prone to believe that they are reporting the news in good faith.

Still, take it for what you will.

Update: Hitfix seems to have confirmed Twitch’s report using the ever-popular unnamed sources.