George Romero Talks Diary of the Dead

There isn’t a whole lot in this USA Today article that you don’t already know about George Romero’s return to his zombie roots with “Diary of the Dead”, but it’s still a good read. In case you don’t know, “Diary of the Dead” goes like this:

The action centers on a group of students filming an old-fashioned horror movie for school. The scares turn real when they see shocking TV footage of corpses feasting on the living. The class assignment evolves into a documentary, obsessively shot by Jason (Joshua Close), who is driven to record every terrifying moment of their frantic escape in a Winnebago.

Romero also talks about the critical success but box office failure of “Land of the Dead”, which I really liked except for some obvious parts that I thought George was just trying to hard with the social parallels:

“I’m not bitter,” he says. “I was amazed by the reviews.” But a date switch from fall to summer proved to be a bad move: “I thought it would do better than it did, but it got lost between Batman Begins and War of the Worlds.”

There is this one interesting idea for a zombie movie, though:

He isn’t ready to bury his interest in the waking deceased anytime soon. They continue to be the perfect vessels for what he calls his “snapshots in time.” Besides, Romero has another premise. A full-out zombie comedy. One that presumably does not involve sheep.

A “full-out zombie comedy” from Romero? I’d have to see it to believe it.

Here’s an image included in the article:

George Romero Talks Diary of the Dead

Meanwhile, the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting has landed 5 new images from the movie:

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