Gerard Butler In Talks To Play Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler is orbiting around the film “Machine Gun Preacher”, a film that will be directed by Marc Forster (“Quantum Of Solace”, “Stranger Than Fiction”) with a script by Jason Keller that details the life of Sam Childers, a tough biker dude that finds God and fights to improve the lives of hundreds of Sudanese child soldiers. Sam founded an orphanage in the Sudan and then organized a militia to protect them from retribution, even hunting down the people responsible for kidnapping the kids and delivering the beat down.

Sounds like a Gerard Butler kind of movie. Gerard is a personal favorite of mine and so let me say to him, with respect, ditch the rom coms Gerard. Stick to the humorous action adventure thing, or like the above “Machine Gun Preacher”, the serious drama and action movie. Thanks to DeadLine Hollywood for the scoop.