Gerard Butler is Joining the Manhunt

Gerard Butler in Machinegun Preacher (2011) Movie ImageGerard Butler is sure one busy one-man army.

After saving African kids in “Machinegun Preacher”, the “300” actor is currently waiting to save the White House in “Olympus is Falling”, has the end of the world at stake in “Afterburn”, has the fate of Russia in his hands in “Hunter Killer”, and he’s in talks to storm Iraq in “Thunder Run”.

Like I said, one busy dude.

Now Butler can add the FBI thriller “Manhunt” to his list of action movies waiting to be made. Butler has signed up to front the film, which will find “a team of FBI agents sent to the North Carolina wilderness to chase the FBI’s most wanted man, domestic terrorist and survivalist James Tollan, who has eluded arrest with the support of the local population while attacking the federal government. They enroll the help of a reluctant bear hunter to capture the killer. But once the team enters the woods, the hunters become the hunted as Tollan will stop at nothing to survive and defend his territory.”

I’m not entirely sure what role Butler is playing — either one of the feebs, or that “reluctant bear hunter” mentioned in the synopsis below, since why mention just a plain ol bear hunter if he’s not the main character? I’m guessing he won’t be playing the domestic terrorist. He already played a bad guy in “Law Abiding Citizen”, and even that guy wasn’t that bad (at least, according to me).

Breck Eisner (“The Crazies”) is scheduled to direct “Manhunt”, which is expected to go into production by the end of the year. Hey, that’s just enough time for Gerard to add 20 more action movies to his list of things to do!

Breck Eisner on the set of Sahara (2005) Movie Image

Via : Deadline