Gerard Butler Confirms The Black Freighter in Watchmen

And he’ll be the voice of the castaway featured in the comic-within-a-comic, Tales Of The Black Freighter, which will be entirely animated in an anime style. Butler tells Empire Online, “I’m going to do the voice of the captain… They’re going to do it in the style of a Japanese anime and I’m totally stoked.” Um. “Stoked”? Gerard Butler uses words like “stoked”? I’m so disillusioned right now.


“I actually read the script before reading the comic book and I thought it was awesome,” continued the 38 year-old. “Then I read the comic book and it’s great. The little bits that have been added define it so much more. It’s very dark and there’s just something so descriptive and scary. It’s this descent into madness but explained in such a sane way that you totally feel it yourself. By the end, my heart was pumping!”

Although considered extraneous to the plot of the movie proper by Snyder and his predecessor, Paul Greengrass, Tales Of The Black Freighter is a story that deepens the impact of Watchmen’s main plot, mirroring the arc of a character we won’t reveal.

Goddammit, I am so pissed that I already know how the movie will end, and thus already know what they’re talking about. Damn you, comic book reading days as a youth!!!

Gerard Butler IS … The Black Freighter in Watchmen