Gerard Butler’s Motor City Runs Out of Gas

Gerard ButlerIt feels like Albert Hughes’ revenge drama “Motor City” was always doomed to failure. The film has gone through some major casting changes, including three leading men, and the lead villain since it was announced back in late 2011. Really, it seems like everyone in Hollywood, at one point or another, wanted to be in this movie … then changed their minds.

That uncertainty around the project, combined with a short post-production schedule given to them by Warner Bros., has led the film’s backers to taking the drastic decision to shut down production ahead of “Motor City’s” expected September 17th start date. As a result, the crew assembled to work on the picture has been “told to go home”.

Here’s the official word from the producers:

Faced with the realities of a very short post-production schedule and complicated visual and special effects, the producers have decided to push back production on Albert Hughes’ Motor City. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier productions such as 2 Guns starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg which is currently in production and Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor which is in pre-production. The circumstances surrounding this project made it impossible to meet the firm March 31st delivery date without compromising the quality of the film.

So there you have it. The film may or may not get moving again at a later date, though depending on how much “later” that ends up being, they may have more issues with the cast being available.

The film would have starred Gerard Butler as a wrongly imprisoned ex-con who goes on a quest for revenge against the culprits once he’s released. Not exactly the most original premise of all time, I’ll grant you, but I’m always down for a gritty revenge flick, which is apparently how they were going to approach “Motor City”. Adrien Brody would have played the villain, while Amber Heard was scheduled to play the female lead.

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Via : Deadline