Get a Crazy but Awesome Look at Keanu Reeves’ Upcoming Kung Fu Film Man of Tai Chi

Keanu Reeves Behind-the-Scenes of Man of Tai Chi

Usually when actors decide to put their money where their mouth is and become directors, they start small — you know, a little indie film about a grieving family or some kid indulging in first love, basically stuff that are easy to shoot and require more acting than your usual Hollywood flick. Not so for Keanu Reeves, who plans on making his directorial debut on the actioner “Man of Tai Chi”, a film that he’ll also star in.

Gotta give him credit: Reeves is apparently a really big fan of martial arts films. Besides “Man of Tai Chi” coming up in 2013, he’s in the midst of “47 Ronin”. And of course, he “learned” kung-fu for the “Matrix” movies. Dude definitely has an affinity for this type of film.

And get this: apparently “Man of Tai Chi” will feature a whoppin’ 40 minutes of kung fu action. That’s … a lot of kung fu’ing. To shoot those scenes, Reeves will be using something called Bot and Dolly’s Iris, described as “an automated camera system that allows you to set the paths which the camera will then robotically follow.”

But hey, why talk about it, when you can see it Irish actually at work? Check out this behind-the-scenes look at something called a “Proof of Concept” video for “Man of Tai Chi”:

Via : HeyuGuys