Get Ready For Brenden Fraser To Be In Every Movie

Brendan Fraser appears to be planning something of a career renaissance, or at least a revival. Currently filming the fish heist comedy (I don’t know what a ‘fish heist’ is either) “Whole Lotta Sole” in Belfast, Encino Man plans to film a bunch more movies in quick succession over the course of this rapidly approaching summer.

After the fish film, the star of the “Mummy” series will shoot “Gimmie Shelter”, about a pregnant teen shunned by her Wall Street tycoon father. Secondly comes “Four Kings”, a historical epic set against the backdrop of the French and Indian War. “Fraser, himself a Canadian-American, stars as Colonel Lord Francis Nicholson, a vastly wealthy Brit who self-finances the war in the hope of creating a utopian society in what is now Canada.” After “Four Kings”, George of the Jungle will lend his voice to the long-gestating, oft-delayed (it was originally announced in 2006) 3D animated feature “Escape From Planet Earth”, about a group of aliens trying to escape from the legendary Area 51. Fraser will play a character named “Scorch”.

So Fraser will be a busy little beaver over the next few months, and good for him. But as far as you, the viewer, is concerned, do you care at all? Sure Brendan Fraser is going to be in all the movies soon, but are you even slightly interested? Against my better judgment, I’ve always liked the guy for some reason. He’s not a particularly talented actor, and his choice or roles isn’t always what you would hope for, but I have a soft spot for the guy. Maybe it goes back to his string of uncredited roles in Pauly Shore movies like “Son in Law” and “In the Army Now”. And the “Mummy” movies were fun, not great, but entertaining enough.