Get Ready to Purge Again (in a Sequel)

Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey in The Purge (2013) Movie Image

James DeMonaco’s sci-fi/horror flick “The Purge” doesn’t begin its purging run at the box office until this Friday, but apparently the producers are already hard at work on a sequel. Or, if not “hard at work”, then they’re working on one and are far enough along that they’ve applied for tax credits from the California Film Commission (and been approved).

It’s interesting that the producers aren’t just looking at a potential sequel, but they’re already moving forward on one. After all, you don’t apply for tax credit if you don’t intend to actually make a movie, right?

The first movie stars Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey as parents in the near future, who must brave one night in a futuristic United States where anything can happen, including murder. Things get hairy when the couple’s young son lets in a homeless vet who is being hunted by a group of killers that refuse to leave until they get their man.

You can read our review of “The Purge” here. James Mudge’s review of the film matches up with most of the other reviews already online for the movie. The consensus seems to be that “The Purge” had a lot of potential, but spoils most of it with a by-the-numbers home invasion storyline.

Via : The Wrap