Ghost in the Shell Gets Writer

ghost-in-the-shellIt was more than a year ago that Steven Spielberg bought the rights to the Japanese story Ghost in the Shell. Back then Jamie Moss of Street Kings had been hired as writer in order to adapt it into a live action 3D film. Now it appears that Moss has been replaced by Leata Kalogridis, according to Variety, who has previously written Alexander, Pathfinder, and the upcoming Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island.

The project as of now has no director, but if the writing is any good, then Spielberg will probably find a way to make it (” ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is one of my favorite stories,” he was quoted as saying). Manga and anime adaptations are becoming increasingly popular; Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the producers attempting to bring Akira to the big screen. The technology has gotten so great that all it takes is the money and the will to adapt a story that before could only be preserved with fidelity by the pen. However, if anime/manga adaptations are going to receive some care, they’ll still need the audience; it will be interesting to see how Ghost in the Shell is received. Most fans don’t want to see a replication of Dragonball.