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Ghost in the Shell - Arise TV Series

Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 movie “Ghost in the Shell” was one of the earliest Japanese anime I had ever seen, and I was struck by how good and mature it was. That film convinced me to try out other anime titles that were on the market and to keep an eye out for new ones. It led to some pretty nice discoveries, let me tell you, including flicks like “Akira”, “Ninja Scroll”, and the like.

The “Ghost in the Shell” franchise has spawn plenty of spin-off films over the years, and 2013 will see another iteration, “Ghost in the Shell: Arise”. The film will essentially be a 4-part mini-series (each part running around 50 minutes), with the first one (titled “Ghost Pain”) set to arrive in Japanese theaters in June with a Blu-ray release the following month.

“Ghost in the Shell: Arise” is a prequel to 1995’s “Ghost in the Shell”, and from the looks of this teaser trailer, goes back to the origins of the main character Major Motoko Kusanagi, back before she was, well, a Major, I guess.

Find out how it all started.

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  • Dedpool

    Ghost in the Shell is actually another anime I could see being adapted, whether it was for Japanese or Western audiences. A good Cyber Crime thriller would work well on the big screen.

    • xxx128

      Yeah with like angelina jolie as kusanagi and morgan freeman as aramaki and then bastardize the living shite out of it.