Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Begins Production This Fall. In 3D.

I’m sure someone out there in this crazy world is cheesing their shorts over this news, but I’m certainly not one of them. Sure, the first “Ghost Rider” movie is fun if you’re looking for a few unintentional Nicholas Cage-related laughs — I actually prefer “Bangkok Dangerous” and “The Wicker Man” for this sort of inspired comedy — but I’m not so sure I need a sequel. However, this hasn’t stopped the Powers that Be from crafting a sequel, which will begin filming this fall in Romania. What’s more — the film will be filmed in 3D. No real surprise there, considering this wonky cinematic trend is currently showing no signs of slowing down. I might eat a lot of crow when this thing hits theaters, but somehow I seriously doubt that. Thanks to for unearthing this info.

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Definitely needs to be darker. But Cage is just a bad choice. I liked him in the first one the first time I saw it but, since then not so much. Not a good testament to the film, which didnt live up to it’s potential at all, lame villains and an anti-climactic final fight just killed it completely. Not to mention the bad script. But it had Eva Mendez to look at. Yum!

  • The Strongest There Is

    I would go Johnny Depp. I need to see him in a serious movie again before I die. I think he would be great as Blaze and they should just reboot. Definitely get a new director and let someone pen it that has knowledge of the character. The first movie was entertaining but not a good film by any means. The only cool moments in the entire thing were transformation scenes and the fact that he did more damage to the city than the street sharks.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Depp would work, but doubt he’d do it. How about Keifer Sutherland maybe? Or Stuart Townsend?

  • Todd

    Since Cage is such a fan of the comics, you’d think he’d know how to handle this character. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Sutherland is an interesting choice, though.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I thought so. I can easily see him as the daedevil biker, but also see him as the tortured soul. He’s blonde (Which cage isn’t but Blaze is) and he’d bring gravitas to the role without being too over the top. He needs something to do anyway since 24 is over. LoL.

  • Mfrecords1138

    Eva Mendez is greasy.

  • Ulik

    @Dedpool I have to admit that Keifer Sutherland as Johnny Blaze is absolute genius!!!! I wish I had thought of that and Sony too.

  • The Strongest There Is

    I like the Sutherland Idea and stuart townsend is always a pick for me but we shall see what they do.

  • Zabelzerolp

    U guys are retarted, cage should be the chioce for the sequel.

  • ULIK

    @Zabelzrolwhatever, dude I guarantee that without even knowing you personally that you have never read one issue of GhostRider in your life. You prolly’ just saw him in the cartoons then movie and thought that’s how he should be portrayed. Cage is good at somethings and I actually liked him in “Kick Ass” but HE IS NO JOHNNY BLAZE.