G.I. Joe Producer Bonaventura Spills Some Details

The premise of this IESB article is that the writer is sitting at home one day when he gets a call from Paramount telling him that “G.I. Joe” (and before that, “Transformers”) producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will be giving him a call. And he does, and they talk about “G.I. Joe”, the latest castings, the storylines, etc. Seriously, folks, where’s the list you gotta get on for uber producers to call you at home, and can I be on it?

But I digress. Bonaventura talks about a lot of things, how Marlon Wayans nailed his audition (basically Wayans will be doing comedy shtick on the movie, not surprisingly, as Duke’s sidekick), and who else will be in the movie. In short: Destro, Zartan, Hawk, and pretty much everyone else from the cartoons and toy line.

Then, finally, they break down what “G.I. Joe” is going to be — will it pander to International audiences, or stick to its Real American Hero roots?

IESB: Ok, that’s fair. At one point, and we’ve had this conversation in the past, we know this is going to be an international team but there’ve still been some conflicting reports. It’s no longer based in Brussels, is it still based in Brussels, is it based in Egypt, where is it based?

LDB: Ok, let me be really clear on this point. G.I. Joe headquarters in the comic book is based in the Pit. As in the comic book, you don’t know where the location of the Pit is. So, the idea that it’s based in Brussels is false, the idea that it is a European base or an international kind of organization is false. It is the G.I. Joe Organization.

IESB: Are we keeping this still a “Real American Hero” or is it no longer a Real American Hero?

LDB: Um, well, the truth is we haven’t had that debate.

IESB: …It’s obvious it’s an international team, some people are just curious to see is it still GI Joe A Real American Hero or not.

LDB: I’ll say it this way, this is the best way to answer and I’ll answer this on the record, Duke is absolutely the embodiment of what the pre-83 Joe is. And what the pre-83 Joe is The Real American Hero, you follow me? Now, if that’s a title question, I have no idea, we haven’t gotten to the title of the movie yet. But if you’re asking me is Duke a character that embodies what we think GI Joe embodies, absolutely.

That is one f’in fantastic answer.

And finally:

IESB: Real quickly, GI Joe is going to be PG-13?

LDB: Well, we can’t guarantee the rating but it certainly is not going to be R. I would think it is going to be PG-13, I would assume so, but I’m not the ratings board.

I can live with that. It doesn’t have to be bloody at all, and probably shouldn’t be. PG-13 sounds about right.

You can read the rest of the interview here.