Gina Phillips Back for Jeepers Creepers 3

Fans of the “Jeepers Creepers” franchise were all curious why Justin Long returned for part two, but Gina Phillips was oddly missing. This was doubly odd since, well, Justin Long’s character died in the first one, but Phillips’ survived. So it didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but there you have it. Now it appears Victor Salva, writer/director of the franchise, is getting ready to rectify that mistake, with news that Gina Phillips is currently in talks to re-appear in the franchise with part 3.


Speaking of JEEPERS CREEPERS, Phillips breaks the new exclusively to Bloody-Disgusting that she is in facts in talks to play a role in Victor Salva’s third film. “I will say that, I can’t talk about it, but I can say we are in talks, she explains. “There is a script and there is work being done on it. Here’s the thing, I also produce films, when I have my producer hat on …that’s my job, and when I have my actor hat on, then that’s my job, I try not to intervene unless you have a director who wants your opinion. The great thing about Victor is that he is very collaborative. He not only wanted my input, he almost demanded it, It was always like what do you think what do you think. I trust him and I think he is a very talented writer. If things are to come together, and he wants my input… I have a lot to say!”

I’d say bringing Gina Phillips back would be a great move. Let’s hope it’s not another blink-and-you’ll-miss cameo like the one Long had in part two.

Gina Phillips Back for Jeepers Creepers 3?