Wolverine Movie Rumors and Pics of the Day

Here’s another noteworthy image from Entertainment Weekly’s 2009 upcoming movie showcase, if by “showcase” you mean some pictures from a couple of interesting movies and a lot of really turdy ones I wouldn’t see if you paid me a million bucks per movie. Okay, maybe if you pay me that much, but that’ll be the only way. There was the “Public Enemies” pics I posted a few posts back, but EW also gave us the Harry Potter kid about to kiss some girl (cause I know you’re all dying to see that), something about the Jonas Brothers (demon spawns or some such), a couple of comedies with Will Ferrell and Jack Black, and more religious stuff from “Angels and Demons” that look as exciting as watching my uncle painting a fence and then falling asleep in the middle of it.

The claw-pawed man-mutant cuts in front of his fellow X-Men with his own creation story, which traces how Logan’s macho rivalry with Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber) and his thwarted love affair with Silver Fox (Lynn Collins) set the stage for his tranformation into Wolverine. So why did Hugh Jackman’s character get the first Origins nod? ”It wasn’t always part of the plan, but Hugh brought that character to vivid life,” says producer Lauren Shuler Donner, recalling the endurance test he faced filming this water-tank scene where his character is injected with a substance that makes him impenetrable. ”We tortured the man. he is an animal. A normal person could not do that.”

Wolverine. Claws. Bath. Ouch.

Meanwhile, AICN does EW one better and put up a much, MUCH better version of the same image, plus adding this juicy bit of rumor from the movie:

This movie has been plagued by trouble. We’ve had reports of set troubles, huge rows between Gavin Hood and the studio and even reports of Hood being replaced for extended periods of shooting.

These rumors have been roundly denied by the studio and producers, but are they going to say? “Yes, this $100 million tent pole movie is in trouble.” I don’t think so. If it was one isolated report or rumor then we could ignore it as bullshit, but there have been many off-the-record reports from people working in, on and around the production. Make no mistake, whatever the end result is WOLVERINE was a very troubled production.

They also add that, according to one of their sources, Fox head honcho Tom Rothman thinks we’re all retards, and could give less than two shits to the wind what we think of the final product since he already has our money, whatever that means. I would disagree with AICN, except I’ve already seen how Fox has handled “Watchmen”, “Dragonball”, “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li”…

Anyways, this pic looks kinda badass, right? At least Wolvie will be clean for the premiere.