Godzilla 3D Producer Talks Reboot, Rumors

Brian Rogers, one of the people behind Legendary Pictures’ upcoming reboot of “Godzilla”, recently attended the 3D Summit in Universal City, CA, where the boys at Zennie62 cornered him and got the lowdown on the reboot, Internet rumors, and just what exactly Godzilla will be facing in the upcoming movie.

Some of the highlights include:

– The Godzilla bust to your left? Nothing to do with Legendary’s Godzilla movie, says Rogers.

– The rebooted Godzilla will be faithful to the original radioactive monster, atomic breath included, one presumes.

– Godzilla will be fighting more than one monsters in the movie. So, no lame Godzilla vs. the U.S. army battles. Well, there may still be that, but it won’t be the only battles for our monster.

– The movie will be live-action, in 3D, with CGI, and not animation. This was apparently in response to some animated scenes showed at the Legendary Pictures booth at Comic Con 2010.

– Look for the atomic breath attack sometime in 2012.

Here’s the full interview with Brian Rogers: