Godzilla Opens at #1, Might Get a Sequel

Godzilla (2014) Movie Image

The only thing Hollywood loves more than giving itself awards (how long is Awards Season these days, 9 months?), it’s the taste of money.

And since Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” opened just under $100 million over the weekend, with another $100 million (or so) from overseas for a nice chunk of $200 million (give or take) in just a week of release, you can bet your fiery atomic breathing reptile that Hollywood’s already eyeballing a sequel.

Edwards tells Deadline that he would take the same approach to the sequel as he did for the first film, by exercising “restraint” when it comes to showing off the Big G. So I guess this means he’s officially returning to direct.

Made for a reported $160 million budget (not counting the film’s ginormous advertising budget), “Godzilla” has officially earned just under $200 million worldwide. That’s pretty good, but it remains to be seen how it holds up in the coming weeks, especially with Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” bowing this week and should, theoretically, cut into “Godzilla’s” audience base, perhaps taking away some repeat business.

Also remember that big-budget films like “Godzilla” usually have to earn double, and in some cases triple its production budget just to turn a profit. In “Godzilla’s” case, you’re probably looking at a final tally of around $500 million before a greenlight for the sequel can really be counted on. As a per example, keep in mind that Guillermo del Toro’s similar monster fightin’ flick “Pacific Rim” has earned just north of $400 million (from a $190 million budget), and chances of a sequel to that one remains pretty slim.

We’ll find out for sure if “Godzilla” has monster legs next week.