Godzilla Updates: Pacific Rim? Del Toro? Confused?

After taking some gratuitous pop shots at some news website, the boys at Latino Review flexed their Latino Power muscle and revealed a very interesting bit of news about the upcoming “Godzilla” reboot from Legendary Pictures: namely that there are plans to merge oh Atomic breath with a sci-fi alien invasion treatment from “Clash of the Titans” writer Travis Beacham called “Pacific Rim”.

According to LR’s sources, the whole thing went down like this: apparently the script that was turned in for the “Godzilla” reboot failed to set Legendary Pictures’ skirts on fire. The suits decided they liked the Beacham idea more, and now plans use Beacham’s “Pacific Rim” as the basis for their “Godzilla” reboot.

In the original “Pacific Rim” 25-page treatment (no script yet), “malevolent creatures” (aka monsters from outer space, we assume) threaten the Earth, forcing mankind to unite to fight back using highly advanced weaponry. Now just swap “highly advanced weapaonry” with “Godzilla”, and you have your “Godzilla” movie.

And oh yeah, Legendary Pictures has apparently also offered the directing gig to Guillermo Del Toro, which makes “Godzilla” the 206th movie Del Toro is now currently attached to in some form or another. I kid, I kid, but the man sure has stayed busy since extricating himself from the growing mess that is the “Hobbit” movies. Whew! Got out just in time, huh, Guillermo?

'Heh heh. Atomic breath.'