Gong Li and Andy Lau in What Women Want Chinese Remake

The Chinese have remade plenty of Hollywood movies in the past, but you just don’t hear about them because the remakes don’t always acknowledge the original but instead, well, just sorta rips them off. (That’s one thing you gotta give Hollywood some props for — sure, they remake way too many Asian movies, and usually pretty badly, but at least they always pay for the right to do it; not so much the other way around.) All that is to say, the Chinese are remaking the 2000 Mel Gibson romantic comedy “What Women Want”, in which Gibson’s character gets struck by lightning and suddenly can hear women’s thoughts. Hey, I’m not saying it’s scientifically viable.

In the Chinese remake, the eternally young Andy Lau will take over the Gibson role, playing a chauvinistic ad man who uses his newfound powers to get into women’s pants. He meets his match in a feisty co-worker to be played by Gong Li, recently cast as the love interest. The role was originally rumored to have gone to the much younger Fan BingBing, but director Chen Daming chose the more mature Li instead.

The film starts shooting this week with a hefty $5 million budget, and is expected out by Valentine’s Day of 2011.

Sadly, this is the pinnacle of my Photoshop skills.