Good Things Come in Threes: New Nine Posters

Even if you have absolutely no interest in Rob Marshall’s Nine, the posters should be of interest to everybody, for reasons that are explicitly clear. There are three posters that basically all use the same poses, but they feature a mixture of different characters. I assume that the media push will begin for Nine right after Thanksgiving, since the film will be released on Christmas day. Get used to seeing Cruz, Kidman, Hudson, and Fergie dancing during every commercial break so that the image is seared deep into your eyeballs and the folds of your mind. They’re really playing up the Italian angle, even though it exists only as part of the plotline, and not as the actual nationality of most of the actors. There are American, English, Spanish, French, and Australian actors, and I believe only one Italian actor – Sophia Loren. But after seeing the posters, I’m sure that most will want to “be Italian”.