Goofy Little Poster for Director Wong Jing’s Treasure Hunt

Ronald Cheng in Treasure Hunt (2011) Movie Image

I watch Wong Jing movies whenever I need a pick-me-up, much in the same way that I watch the films of Uwe Boll and Godfrey Ho. Nothing ever seems to makes any sense in a Wong Jing flick, and if you go into his endeavors expecting as much, then chances are you’ll walk away with a big ol’ goofy smile on your face. “Meltdown”, “Spy Dad”, and “Future X-Cops” rank as my favorites, and each one receives a screening in my house at least once a year. The director’s forthcoming adventure outing “Treasure Hunt” — not to be confused with “Treasure Inn” — looks to be something…special. The poster alone is reason enough for yours truly to check it out. Sad? Probably. But I’m strangely okay with that.

The synopsis is pretty out there, too. Take a look:

Peggy (Cecilia Cheung), the renowned charming director in the advertising industry, was married with a 3 years old son Lucas (Lucas Tse). She was persuaded by her boss to shoot an advertisement on a deserted island with the so-called “The Strongest Man in the Galaxy” kung fu master Mr. Big (Ronald Cheng), a notorious womanizer and his daughter Cissy (Lin Miao Ke). Andy (Ekin Cheng), Peggy’s husband, failed to dissuade his wife to back out of the job, left home in a temper with Lucas. Peggy had no choice but to depart for the island. At the pier where the filming crew took a boat to the island, Mr. Big had a row with Cobra (Liu Hua) and his 4 fellow ruffians over a new fishing boat. Cobra’s gang got a treasure map and planned to search for a huge treasure hidden on the island during the Ming Dynasty. To avoid further publicity, Cobra backed off, but planned to get rid of the crew on the island.

What the hell was that all about, you ask? I honestly don’t know! “Treasure Hunt” opens in China on August 19th, 2011. The aforementioned poster resides below.

Via : Film Smash