Gordon Chan to Direct Live-Action King of Fighters Movie

The idea of yet another live-action movie adaptation of a 2D fighting game (what, people didn’t get enough with “Street Fighter?”) doesn’t exactly appeal to me. But when you add Gordon Chan into the mix, my interest is now officially piqued. The news is that Chan will direct the film early 2008 from a script by Chris Chow. I’ve actually played the game every now and then, but never really got into it. Actually, there was an old version (I’m not sure what version it was, or how many there have been so far) at my local Krogers, that I once played for about 30 minutes while waiting for a job interview. (I didn’t get the job, if you were wondering.) Like all 2D fighting games, “KOF” has one of those throwaway storylines, so the movie version has plenty of leeway for improvement.

Why am I intrigued now that Gordon Chan will be directing? Because I’ve always liked Chan’s work. For my money, he’s one of the better action directors in Hong Kong, even though his resume is very eclectic, with dramas and comedies sprinkled among bullets-and-guts actioners like “2000 AD” and “Beast Cops”.

So whatever the script turns out to be like, Chan should make the best of the action scenes. That’s a solid reason for a DVD rental right there.

Images from the game (and one, not so much):