Gore Verbinski Might Re-Team with Johnny Depp for Lone Ranger

Man, it’s been a while since we’ve heard any movement on Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s “The Lone Ranger”. The last time we heard anything solid on the pic was Johnny Depp signing on to play Tonto. And that’s been, what, almost two years ago? Sheesh.

The fresh news on the project has Verbinski very seriously considering making “Lone Ranger” his next directing gig. Verbinski recently directed Depp in the CG movie “Rango” (where Depp plays a talking lizard) and before that, the three “Pirates of the Caribbean” films (the twosome pictured below, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer in the center, on the set of “Pirates”).

Mind you, not that he’s been offered the gig, or has gotten the gig, or is indeed even in talks for the gig, from what I’ve read. Apparently the big news is that Verbinski is interested in the gig, which would seem to mean it’s now up to Disney to call him and make the deal happen.