Gorgeous Cover for Astonishing Captain America Limited Series Comic Book

Check out this cover from artist Adi Granov for Andy Diggle’s upcoming “Astonishing Captain America” limited series comic book, which according to the “Losers” writer will place the good Captain in “a brand new war of today”, whatever that means. The comic will, says Diggle, be a classic “guys on a mission” storyline, though that’s an interesting thing to say given that Captain America is already a platoon in and of himself. Does he really need any help from other “guys”?

One thing’s for sure: that is one fine looking cover. It also looks a bit like the costume Chris Evans is wearing for the “Captain America” movie, though I’m not exactly sure why Cap looks so World War II-ish if the limited series is supposed to take place in contemporary times.

“Astonishing Captain America” shows up in your local comic shops next Summer, which, not surprisingly, is about the same time as the movie.

Via Marvel.

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