Goyer Says Green Arrow Movie is Almost a Go

Wait, so “Super Max”, the Green Arrow movie, isn’t a go at Warner Bros. yet? Apparently not. According to the film’s would-be director/writer, David Goyer, who was at Comic Con to promote his upcoming horror flick “The Unborn”, Warner Bros. really likes his latest script for “Super Max”, and he believes they’re prepared to go forward with the project very, very soon. Hopefully. Which is odd, since for all the news I’ve heard of the movie so far, I thought this thing was a done deal at Warner, but apparently not. Though Goyer seems extremely confidant that they’ll be moving forward.

Goyer tells SciFiWire more about the origins of “Super Max”, and where it is right now:

“The studio really likes the script… Green Arrow seems to be one of the characters in the wake of this phenomenal summer … book-ended by Iron Man and The Dark Knight [for which Goyer received a story credit]. I know that [for] Warner Brothers, Green Arrow is one of the characters that they’re really interested in [and] seem to be interested in moving forward with next…

It started out as a supervillain-escape idea, and the idea was, well, we can either go Marvel or DC… And I talked to both of them, and I kind of said, ‘Well, who can you give me?’ Because I needed a superhero that I can bounce off of. And I don’t know. For my money it was, if we went Marvel, it would be Captain America. If we went DC, maybe Green Arrow. And Green Arrow seemed like the best fit.

“Green Arrow is, you know, probably on the same level as Iron Man. And, yeah, I mean when a movie like Iron Man does $300 million, and DC, Warner Brothers, realizes, ‘Wow, we’ve got 20 of these kinds of characters.’ I don’t know, it’s an interesting twist though, because Super Max didn’t start out as a Green Arrow project.”

I have to admit, I’m not sold on a Green Arrow movie. Actually, I’m not sold on the character altogether. He always came across like a third-rate Batman to me — rich socialite who decides to use his wealth and fortune to fight crime. With an, er, bow and arrow. Sure, his quiver had a bunch of tricked out arrows, but seriously, a bow and arrow? I don’t care how fast you can shoot your little exploding arrows or arrows that shoots catching nets (no, seriously, he had those), Robin Hood wouldn’t stand a chance against a guy with a gun.

Of course, that was before Goyer came up with the idea to throw him in jail and have him battle his way out. That’s, you know, a pretty novel way to deal with a guy in a bright green outfit…

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