Grace Park to Bring the Boomer to Hawaii Five-O, Tricia Helfer Shows off her Dark Blue

Getting arrested in Hawaii has just gotten a whole lot sexier. THR reports that former “Battlestar Galactica” alum Grace Park, aka Boomer, has followed her fellow “BSG” alums in landing cushy regular gigs on TV. The Canadian actress has joined the cast of CBS’ reboot of the popular cop series “Hawaii Five-O”. The show is set to star “Moonlight’s” Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, the head of Hawaii’s special police force, with “Lost’s” Daniel Dae Kim as his right-hand man, Chin Ho Kelly.

Park would play Kona Kalakaua, the niece of Chin Ho Kelly. The character is described as a champion surfer (ooooh, Boomer in a bikini, anyone?) and recent police academy graduate who is recruited by McGarrett. Park last appeared as a reformed junkie on the A&E’s “The Cleaner” with Benjamin Bratt, one of those shows that was just Godawful depressing.

Crime fighting in Hawaii has never looked so good.

Meanwhile, Park’s fellow “BSG” alums Tricia Helfer has landed a regular gig on TNT’s cop show “Dark Blue”, while Katee Sackhoff, as previously reported, is currently in line to front her own cop show over at ABC.

“BSG” bad guy Gaius Baltar aka James Callis, meanwhile, will be doing a multi-episode arc on ABC’s “FlashForward”.

Phasers on hot!