Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Debut Goes Hollywood. Er, Vinewood.

Grand Theft Auto V Game Image

What are the chances we’ll finally get that “Grand Theft Auto” movie that’s been talked about since I was in diapers? Well, probably not anytime soon. If at all. And really, that’s probably for the best. You’ll never be able to duplicate the immersiveness of the games with a standalone 2-hour movie. You’ll just end up with some shitty Uwe Boll-ish film trying to please fanboy gamers by throwing out little cameos and shout-outs to the games.

Until someone does try to stupidly go through with a “Grand Theft Auto” movie, though, the boys at Rockstar Games are set to unleash “Grand Theft Auto V” on us. Check out the debut trailer for the game below.

The plot for the fifth entry? No idea. But it’s obviously going to be set in Vinewood, the game’s version of Hollywood if that sign in the pic above is any indication. Judging by the voiceover, it also doesn’t sound as if Niko’s back, though, which is a shame. I love that European scum.

It’s been three long years since “Grand Theft Auto IV” came out, and it’s about damn time. Then again, when you make a game as complicated and open-ended as the GTA franchise, three years between installments is really not all that long of a wait.